Broadcast - tv - cinema 

Choosing a drone for your shootings allows you to reduce your production costs and save a lot of time.

Equipped with cameras, our drones have the power to capture images in aerial view and films

We specialize in stabilized high and low-speed camera movement. Our custom stabilization systems are the finest in Morocco , and they work with all 2D + 360 VR platforms – Arri, Red, Phantom, OZO, Gear 360, Odyssey, Omni, A7sII arrays, etc.


Our professional equipment is suitable for aerial photography, aerial video and is up to the demands of the world of cinema. 

We offer you a wide range of camera drones, stabilizers and accessories to enhance aerial photography and develop your audiovisual projects.



We have a team of experts in audio-visual and piloting, our drones are so remote controlled with fluidity and image stability to guarantee you the best views as you wish.


The choice of a drone for your events guarantees innovative event animations!

As an imaging professional, Drone Reveal accompanies you in your event projects throughout Morocco, whether it is a sporting or cultural event, seminars or conferences, team building or a personal event, we offer you unusual dimensions by creating reports, montages up to your expectations.



  • Professional events:

You are a professional, our drones is the solution to stand out and generate surprise and conviviality within your events and create a luminous show.

We bring you an optimal customized solution ranging from production to post-production through LIVE streaming while staying tuned to your expectations and editing solutions adapted to each event.


  • Personal events:

A wedding party? Drone Reveal through its network of pilots has a complete team to make unforgettable shots. the day of your party our pilots are attentive to follow your desires in order to deliver you the most beautiful memories.

Site supervising

Drone reveal offers you different solutions for monitoring your sites, infrastructure or construction and visualize their progress over different periods.

The choice of a drone for this allows you to reduce business risks and guarantees fast and efficient monitoring.


· Features:

Our drones allow us to operate information surveys and fly over the site and its infrastructure at different stages to follow the coherence and the good architectural progress.

Our drones quickly and easily access inaccessible industrial areas.

Our drones allow the taking of regular readings thanks to their speed of execution and the precision of its piloting.


· Team:

We have a team of experts that guarantees you photographic shots for your sites and infrastructures with a very professional technical inspection.

We share our passion with you since 2014, Let us know about your project, our team will be happy to bring it to life.

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Tel : +212 522 231 313  | +212 691 200 200


Adress : 34, Rue Charam Achaykh | 20340 Casablanca , Maroc 

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