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With photogrammetry by drone, it is possible to model a zone in 3D in order to realize plans, measurements, and calculations (lengths, surfaces, volumes). You can, therefore, access very accurate cartographic photogrammetry at very high resolution.

This development, therefore, opens up new opportunities for the measurement, technical inspection and research sectors (surveyors, topographers, archaeologists, construction trades, architects, cartographers, industrialists).

Drone Reveal propose :


  • The capture of georeferenced orthophotos from centimeter to millimeter precision.

  • Modeling different areas in 3D

  • Ortho-shots or digital mosaics for your projects

  • Topographic plans.


Our thermal drones are specially used for the thermal diagnosis of buildings, the search of points of malfunction on the electrical installations of transport and production (wears, transformers, bearings, short circuits). The mobility of the drone allows us to perform a fast and complete thermal scan to provide you with accurate and fast information.

We have developed a process combining an octocopter drone with a Flir T640bx thermal imaging camera. This camera is equipped with the most powerful sensor on the market (640 x 480 pixels) and offers a thermal sensitivity of 0.04 ° C.

We have also developed a methodology for inspecting photovoltaic plants on the ground and on roofs.

Drone Reveal offers innovative solutions that are reliable and very competitive:

  • Thermal measurement solutions to quickly identify bypass cells, damaged connections, panels or rows of defective panels to give their particular thermal signature.

  • A first diagnosis of the sources of malfunctions: shading identifications, bypass cells or faulty connection boxes.

  • an exhaustive list of identified hot spots associated with geolocation of defective panels.

Based in Casablanca, Drone Reveal carries out its projects throughout the country and in Africa.

We share our passion with you since 2014, Let us know about your project, our team will be happy to bring it to life.

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